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Types of Apples We Grow:

Star Nursery Belle Chasse - Anna Apple

Anna Apple

Malus 'Anna'

Anna Apple is a large red blushed color, cross pollinate with Golden Dorsett Apple, ripens in late June, 150 chill hours.
Star Nursery Belle Chasse - Ein Shemer Apple

Ein Shemer Apple

Malus 'Ein Shemer'

Ein Shemer Apple is sweet and tart, pale yellow, has white flesh, used for eating, cooking, and making pies, ripens in summer, self-fertile, 350 chill hours.
Star Nursery Belle Chasse - Golden Dorsett Apple

Golden Dorsett Apple

Malus 'Dorsett Golden'

Golden Dorsett Apple is a golden skin, firm flesh, cross pollinate with Anna Apple, good for eating, canning or cooking, ripens late July to August, 100 chill hours.
Star Nursery Belle Chasse - Granny Smith Apple

Granny Smith Apple

Malus 'Granny Smith'

Granny Smith Apples are popular, found in most stores, crisp and tart, bright green skin, great for baking and cooking, ripens in August to November, self-fertile.