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Types of Grapes We Grow:

Star Nursery Belle Chasse - Southland Muscadine

Southland Muscadine

Vitis rotundifolia 'Southland'

Southland Muscadines are deep reddish-purple grapes, flavorful, with strong aroma, ripens in Summer, self-fertile.
Star Nursery Belle Chasse - Cowart Muscadine

Cowart Muscadine

Vitis rotundifolia 'Cowart'

Cowart Muscadine is juicy, dark purple to black in color, needs cross pollination, ripens early summer.
Star Nursery Belle Chasse - Carlos Scuppernog

Carlos Scuppernog

Vitis rotundifolia 'Carols'

Carlos Scuppernog is light to dark shades of green, darkens to a deep bronze as fruit matures, ripens mid-summer.