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Types of Oranges We Grow:

Star Nursery Belle Chasse - Washington Navel

Washington Navel

Citrus sinensis 'Washington'

The Washington Navel is a large, round, seedless fruit with a navel on top of fruit that ripens mid November to January.
Star Nursery Belle Chasse - Red Navel - Cara-Cara

Red Navel (Cara Cara)

Citrus sinensis

Red Navel is a cross between Washington & Brazilian Bahai naval, fruit is dark red, sweet with low acid content, few seeds, yellowish orange rind, red pulp, ripens October to January, compact growth habit.
Star Nursery Belle Chasse - Pineapple Navel

Pineapple Navel

Citrus sinensis 'Pineapple'

Pineapple Navel is a medium to large, flattened ends, seedless fruit, ripens December to February.
Star Nursery Belle Chasse - Blood Orange

Blood Orange (Moro)

Citrus sinensis 'Blood'

Blood Orange is a medium sized fruit, dark burgundy rind, flesh colored dependent upon cool temperatures (the colder the temperature the darker flesh), almost seedless, blood colored flesh, ripens in February to April.
Star Nursery Belle Chasse- LA Sweet Hamilton Orange

Hamlin Orange (Louisiana Sweets)

Citrus sinensis 'Hamlin'

LA Sweet Hamlin is both juicy & tasty, used mainly for juicing, thin rind, very fleshy pulp has seeds, rising October to January, low acid, cold tolerant.
Star Nursery Belle Chasse - Valencia Orange

Valencia Orange

Citrus sinensis 'Valencia'

Valencia Orange is very juicy, thin & slightly pebbly rind, nearly seedless, pale flesh, ripens late March to June.